Being in my 20's I have just the right amount of youthful magnetism, but with an appreciation for sophistication. I love the finer things in life but I will always stay carefree and down to earth by nature. Growing up a California kitten, I hold certain values such as honesty, integrity and humility close to heart.

I take great pleasure in learning from others and engaging in intellectual conversations. I am a sincere listener and passionate companion.

I love the freedom that comes along with being a companion, you can whisk me away from all my commitments, as I allow you to escape your everyday life.

When we are together you will feel like we are the only two on this planet, I hope to enrapture you with seduction. Can you imagine what an evening with me is like? Certainly an unforgettable girlfriend experience.


In a crazy world you seek the company of a courtesan who is whole, stable, balanced, and at one with herself. Her womanly intuition understands your needs to the core. 

Deeply rooted in a life full of obligations, professional commitments, friends, travel, what has you, who helps you decompress? She caters to your every need as though it was second nature.  

You need a kitten who moves you in ways until now you thought were only unimaginable.